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‘Natural’ and ‘organic’ is suddenly become very fashionable. The reason for this tends to be consumers are becoming increasingly aware of the health advantages of going natural rather than going with man-made products. The aim of this article is to highlight the problems associated with chemical based shampoos and the advantages of natural hair care for both the hair and your general well-being.

Side effects of chemicals in shampoos

The first thing to mention is that many chemicals contained in shampoos can strip the natural oils from the hair. This can cause hair to become damaged by impurities, looking lifeless and becoming dry and brittle which leads to split ends and breakage.

Secondly, some chemicals included in shampoos do leave hair looking fabulous but can also actually cause irritation to the scalp. This can lead to itching, dryness and flaking which appears as dandruff. In some cases on sensitive scalps, it can even cause an allergic reaction such as welts forming and hair loss.

It is important to remember that the skin is porous, so anything applied to it, even if it was intended for the hair, will penetrate the skin and be absorbed into the body. Most chemicals are recognised as toxins by the body and are not naturally absorbed into the body.

Pure ingredients of natural shampoos

Natural shampoos on the other hand contain pure ingredients and therefore are less harsh on the hair and scalp. There are a variety of ingredients which may be included in organic shampoos which have beneficial properties. Aloe vera helps to strengthen the hair and reduces hair lose caused by damage. Hemp is added to natural shampoo to reduce hair loss whilst conditioning the hair. Coconut oil also strengths and conditions the hair whilst giving a pleasant aroma. Soy protein is used to hydrate the hair whilst honey locks the moisture in to give it a glossy shine.

Rock salt is sometimes added to a natural shampoo as it has natural cleansing properties whilst tea tree oil helps to unclog blocked hair follicles – both of which reduce dullness. Vitamin E in organic shampoos has antioxidant properties which protect the hair from damage caused by free radicals whilst vitamin B5 can even help reduce grey hairs from occurring. Chamomile is often used in natural shampoos to soothe the scalp and prevent flaking in the form of dandruff. Finally various citrus and floral extracts are used to give the hair a gorgeous fresh fragrance.

So next time your looking to buy a shampoo, have a good look at the label to check that the ingredients are natural or organic. It’ll not only benefit your hair but also your scalp overall health and well-being.

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